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(c) 2006. Authorize.Net is a registered trademark of Lightbridge, Inc.
(c) 2006. Authorize.Net is a registered trademark of Lightbridge, Inc.

We believe you should know exactly what our service is going to cost
before you commit, which is why we don't use vague hourly rates or estimates. We offer firm quotes. What does that mean? You tell us what you need, and we'll tell you what it will cost. It's that simple.

At Canyouproofthis.com, our goal is to be the highest-quality proofreading and copyediting service—not the cheapest. Check out our Mission Statement to learn what makes us different, including our personalized approach, our commitment to being reachable by phone and our no-hassle "redo or refund" policy if you're not happy with our work. You may be able to find slightly lower rates with an impersonal clearinghouse, but you won't find our friendliness, flexibility, responsiveness or quality. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

To see what you get with Canyouproofthis.com, we encourage you to visit our Testimonials page and view some samples of our work. Or go straight to our handy Rate Calculator to get an instant quote now!


The Five Components of Our Pricing

1. Complexity
Is your document a scientific thesis replete with citations? A single paragraph of advertising copy? A novel? A résumé? We categorize your document based on the complexity of the content, because all writing is not created alike:

(auto)biographies, memoirs

medium complexity
academics higher complexity
B2B (marketing, consulting, training) higher complexity
calendars flat or hourly rate—please contact us
catalogs (if cross-referencing is involved) flat or hourly rate—please contact us
children's fiction lower complexity
consumer marketing (advertising, product packaging) medium complexity
copy requiring fact-checking or cross-referencing flat or hourly rate—please contact us
corporate (insurance, business, management) higher complexity
event calendars, invitations, programs, schedules
(without cross-referencing)
lower complexity
event calendars, schedules (if cross-referencing is involved) flat or hourly rate—please contact us
fiction (except children's, science, fantasy or historical fiction) medium complexity
finance, economics higher complexity
food (gastronomy, culinary arts, nutrition) higher complexity
health, health care higher complexity
home entertainment/DVD packaging flat or hourly rate—please contact us
how-to, self-help medium complexity
industrial (engineering, automotive) higher complexity
job search (résumés, CVs, cover letters, applications, essays) medium complexity
journalism, current events (general interest) medium complexity
law, jurisprudence higher complexity
lifestyle topics, travel medium complexity
personal correspondence (letters, e-mail) lower complexity
personal writing (statements, bios, speeches) medium complexity
philanthropy (charitable fundraising, volunteerism) medium complexity
pop culture medium complexity
religion higher complexity
science (social, physical, life sciences) higher complexity
science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy fiction higher complexity
screenplays, stage plays, teleplays lower complexity
spirituality (non-religious) medium complexity
sports, fitness medium complexity
technology (IT, high-tech) higher complexity
wedding invitations flat or hourly rate—please contact us

Please contact us if you can't find your particular document type here or are unsure which category to pick. When you place your order, you may also go ahead and pick the complexity level you find most appropriate. If we disagree, we'll let you know that the rate needs to be adjusted—and of course we'll wait for your approval before we get started.

2. Level of Service
Does your document need a gentle polish or a good scrub? You can pick from our three service levels: Basic Proofing, Proofing Plus and ESL (English as a Second Language) Proofing. Click here to learn more about our levels of service.

  Basic Proofing Proofing Plus ESL Proofing
 LOWER COMPLEXITY $0.012 per word $0.018 per word $0.0216 per word
MEDIUM COMPLEXITY $0.0168 per word $0.0252 per word $0.0302 per word
HIGHER COMPLEXITY $0.0204 per word $0.0306 per word $0.0367 per word

*Note: These prices are in US currency and based on Standard turnaround time and Word format. Different applications and turnaround times may entail a higher per-word cost.

Click here to download and print a complete pricing chart.

3. Application
Which format are you using? Are you sending us your text as a Word document or as a PDF, for example? Since applying revisions is more labor intensive in some applications than in others, which application you use will affect your rate as well.

4. Turnaround Time
How soon do you need it? Our Standard turnaround is 7 days from the date we receive the order. We also provide two levels of expedited service: Rush (3 days) and Priority Rush (24 hours). Rush service incurs a 30- to 50-percent surcharge, depending on your word count and service level.

Note: Priority Rush service is available only for documents of 3,000 words or fewer, and the

3-day Rush service for documents of 10,000 words or fewer. Also, if your document is very long (more than 60,000 words), we'll need to arrange a realistic customized deadline with you.

5. Length
How many words does your document contain? If you don't know how to run a word count, click here, and we'll show you. Make sure to include footnotes and endnotes in your overall total.

Minimum Charge
We accept jobs of any size; however, because of the administrative effort involved with processing each order, we do charge a minimum of US$50.00 per job for Standard turnaround, US$70.00 for Rush turnarounds, and US$90.00 for Priority Rush turnarounds.

Payment Methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, either via our secure online shopping cart or by fax or phone. Click here to read about our online safety features. We also accept US money orders. If you select this option, however, note that we cannot begin work on your document until we receive the money order by mail.

Corporate Accounts
Is your company too busy to calculate rates for a slew of important documents? Consider setting up a corporate account, where we can offer you flat across-the-board rates and a streamlined document submission process for your ongoing proofreading and copyediting needs. See our Corporate Accounts page, or contact us to learn more about corporate accounts!

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